Design is at the core of everything we do but connection is the heart that fuels our passion. We make connection more intelligent, emotional and fascinating. We build it, analyze it and continue to redeļ¬ne it. We seek to discover ever-growing and evolving ways to connect. This means connecting with people in new, creative, innovative and purposeful ways wherever they work, travel and live. It is with this in mind that we get up every day to work on the complex challenges facing our clients’ businesses.
iMediaMogul is a full-service creative agency specializing in lifestyle marketing, brand development and product design. We are a collective of entrepreneurs, designers, writers, thinkers, doers, musicians and artists, unified by the complete dedication to our craft. Our tight-knit group makes us nimble and quick to respond to our clients, and our varied backgrounds enable us to look at challenges from all angles and deliver unexpected, spot-on solutions.

We are inspired equally by hip-hop and opera; Picasso and graffiti; the city street and the white cube; the pencil and the pixel, the heat of Miami and the cool-factor of New York City. Our approach is artisanal; our process is strategic; and our results are consistently original and above par.

Whether in the context of a one-off product design or a long-term collaboration, we believe in the importance of dynamic collaboration with our clients. We are passionate about developing a compelling DNA for brands that is infused throughout every facet of the planning and production processes. We apply ourselves with intelligence and imagination to each project we undertake. We strive to be influencers who change and evolve to meet our circumstances and whose successes inspire change in those around us.

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