Hopefully, we all want to use our talents to give back to our communities and people in need.

Our core team at iMediaMogul has done an extensive research project examining traditional and contemporary fundraising strategies and after countless hours of reading and compiling data, we have comprised a suite of professional services, campaign management protocols, social media best practices, and third-party software tools that can help your organization expand its vision, influence, and efficacy with applications for a wide array of causes and communities.  Listed below are just a few of the services that we provide pro bono or at cost to qualified non-profits, but the full scope of everything that iMediaMogul can help your organization to implement is deep and robustWe offer professional campaign strategy consultation and offer flexible plans for campaign management, as well as conducting seminars and workshops that will educate and empower organization leaders to maximize resources and optimize donor-cause connection and involvement.
Technology assistance

Welcome to the computer age. As society grows more dependent on rapidly changing technology, some nonprofits find themselves scrambling to keep up. Budget constraints often make it difficult for grassroots organizations to acquire the technology that would help them reach their goals more effectively and efficiently.

Just as some nonprofits have made it their mission to provide low-income families with easy access to computers, iMediaMogul is working to close the technology gap that exists among nonprofits and to help them make prudent technological choices.

Creative fundraising ideation and campaign management

Sometimes, fundraising is boring.  Monotonous.  A drudgery.  That’s bad for professional fundraisers (who wants to be bored at work?), it’s bad for volunteers (they’ll move on to another, more exciting challenge), and worst of all, it’s bad for donors.  And that’s why coming up with unique fundraising ideas matters.

Product Placement and Distribution Management

Make a big impact without a big investment with graphics on promotional products. We'll put your logo on almost any item you can imagine. Give your merch away at events to boost your visibility. Sell your branded apparel to increase your value in the minds of your audience with locally made merch.
Learn More about iMediaMogul's Special Suite of Campaign VItality Tools and Services for Non-Profits and Fundraisers

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