If you’re looking into building a new website or updating an existing site, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. Not so long ago, there would have been no question of hiring a pro to get the results you want, but thanks to the rise of online tools like website builders, it has become much easier for the non-techies among us to build a more-than-decent website. Just because you can, though, doesn’t always mean you should. It’s a decision that’s worth weighing carefully, since for some projects a professional cannot be replaced by a tool.
iMediaMogul designers have listened to a lot of you describe the coniption fit of trying to build your own website versus hiring a pro and we have 'felt your pain'.  On the one hand, you want to have direct control over your website's design.  On the other hand, your story is probably something like...."you made some decent progress using website builders like Wix, Weebly, or maybe even Wordpress, and you were all excited as you added media and content to the little image-sliders and YouTube widgets and could see your vision for the site start to come together...but... there have just been too many times where you just plain old got stuck or ended up noodling around the website builder for hours trying to do what seemed like it should be a simple mod, and you got deflated and jaded of the whole project so you ended up going for quite awhile without a website because every time you thought about returning to work on it you felt like giving up (or if you're like most of the folks we spoke with you actually DID give up!)

Enter iMediaMogul's Design Guides service.  It gives non-programmers a perfect "hybrid" solution to the question of DIY web design versus hiring a professional by equipping design minded entreprenuers with one of the best and most flexible real-time visual website builders called Reflex, while providing real-time education, troubleshooting, and technical support for your web builder.  We furnish you with your own, secure instantiation of the crticially acclaimed Reflex web-editor an unrivaled engine that was engineered by the Facebook corporation and gives you true, realtime responsive design tools where you can simply place and edit content like text, photos, logos, video, and social media posts and then click publish to go live.  Build great looking, fast-loading, and SEO compliant sites in just a few hours.  If you get stuck you can email us, chat online with one of our pros, or call us directly for crucial implementations or urgent fixes.

We love that you want to build your own website because it means that you value having complete control over what is truly an essential aspect of your brand, your image, your business!  We can give you industry leading tools right away so that you can get started now, and we offer unparalleled resources and support so that you don't get frustrated or have to compromise on your company vision for a unique, engaging and high-functioning website.
Get the best, most advanced drag and drop web editor and unlimited realtime design and development support for just $39
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